Who We Are

About Us

Himalayan Arabica Beans is one of the finest Coffee house in Nepal which provide the taste of 100 percent Arabica beans from Himalaya. We serve more than 100 different flavors of fresh coffee along with the various pastry. Himalayan Arabica Beans was opened on 2012, at the heart of tourist area in Thamel with the intention to serve fresh Himalayan coffee to tourist who visited our great Himalayan Country.

What we do?

Besides serving the taste of Himalayan Arabica coffee to our local market, we also provide following services.

Coffee and pastry

We serve more than 100 different flavors of coffee along with fresh pastry baked in our own kitchen. We serve our hygienic food in very clean and comfortable environment and also can enjoy internet service that we provide to our valued customers.

Export Coffee

One of our main objective of Himalayan Arabica Beans is to give the opportunity to coffee lover all around the world to taste our coffee. So, we currently export some world class Himalayan coffee to various country.
Pease contact us if you would like to know about more about this.


We have been receiving positive response from lot of young people who are interested to know more about our coffee processing method. So, with the intention to satisfy them, we are currently organizing Barista training that provides in depth knowledge of coffee with hands-on practice.
Our Barista trainer are highly qualified and professional who have been on this business for several years. Our training duration is minimum 15 days and helps any individual who wants to pursue their career in coffee business.